Make Lagniappe Part of Your Christmas Festivities in Arvada CO

Have you heard of Lagniappe? (Pronounced lawn-yahp)

Once a year, Olde Town Arvada businesses thank their loyal customers with small gifts. Some merchants will give a small token to anyone who stops in, such as cookies or hot chocolate.  Some merchants will give small gifts with a purchase.

Snowy night in Olde Town Arvada CO

I looked up the word, ‘lagniappe’, and it has roots in French, Spanish and Creole tradition. Mark Twain wrote about this word in ‘Life on the Mississippi’.  Mr. Twain said it’s pronounced ‘lanny-yap’, though.

And now – it’s an annual event in the small town where I live! Mr. Twain wrote, “It has a restricted meaning, but I think the people spread it out a little when they choose.”  So that’s good enough reason for Olde Town Arvada merchants to use it in reference to a fun and memorable holiday event.

Come down to Olde Town Arvada on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, starting at 5:00 pm. I can’t wait – there’s something wonderful about old-fashioned holiday events like this – simple, inexpensive, and enjoyable for the whole family!

Lagniappe in Olde Town Arvada CO

In addition, the tree in Town Square will be lit, Olde Town will glow with holiday lights, carolers will sing traditional holiday songs, Santa will be there for the kiddos, and there will be either horse-drawn carriage or hay rides.

Avoid the crowds and expensive parking of Denver, come visit Olde Town Arvada!

(I took the snowy picture above last year. We haven’t had any snow in town yet this year, but who knows what might happen by the time December makes an appearance?)


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  1. Thank you so much for those incredible ideas. finding things to do with children is so hard sometimes, especially during the winter break when they are home ALL THE TIME! Their most recent favourite is to make random sandwich crafts out of bread and salad bits, not sure how to explain it I found at this recipes for kids site here, the’res a little picture with each one which is great. Thought your readers might like to try that too. Well, I must be back to rea life now, either my kids are calling or I’m imagining things, which is also quite possible.

  2. Joetta Fort says:

    Thanks for your comment, Margareta. I loved it, chatty and down-to-earth. Have fun with those kids – I’ve got a grown kid who blessed me with a grandson but he’s too young to do much yet.

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