Historic homes of Arvada, CO

Arvada is a suburb of Denver, about halfway between Denver and Boulder. Arvada has lots of suburban neighborhoods of various styles, but also has a historic old towne area, and many historic homes.

I admit, you’re not going to find a neighborhood in Arvada like some of Denver’s grand Victorian neighborhoods, but you can find many charming old homes. And these historic Arvada homes are actually affordable!

For the purpose of this post, I’m counting homes built in 1949 and before as ‘historic’ homes.  Public Records shows 949 historic homes in Arvada.

112 historic homes have sold in Arvada in the past 3 years.  Their prices ranged from $70,000 to $555,000.  The screenshot is from the MLS, and it shows Arvada’s historic homes mainly clustered around the Wadsworth/Grandview area. That makes sense, because that’s where the town of Arvada started.

This historic area is also near the light rail line that’s going in (the Gold Line).

You’ll often see homes that were built in Arvada during the Victorian era being advertised as Victorian homes. Technically true, but if you epect gingerbread trim and the typical ‘Queen Anne’ look, you’ll usually be disappointed. Most of Arvada’s Victorian-era homes were modest, and no-frills. Plus, over the years they have been remodeled and added onto without concern for historical integrity. Still, they have those great ‘bones’ and much of their charm can be restored.

Arvada’s historic homes include Victorian, English Tudor, Craftsman, bungalow, traditional farm house, and mountain or alpine styles, plus some crazy architecture that doesn’t fit into any category. Most are small, but on large lots.

And many of them have fantastic views!


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