Cities Between Denver and Boulder

I live in one of the cities between Denver and Boulder and I’ve noticed while reading a lot of public forums, people thinking of moving to central Colorado always seem to wonder which is better, to live in Denver or Boulder?

There are problems with both, of course – expense being #1!

I always wonder, what about all the lovely towns between Denver and Boulder? Especially since, often the person asking will be working in Denver and someone else in the household will be working in Boulder, or vice-versa. The cost of housing is less, and transportation to Denver, Boulder, the mountains and the airport is easy.

So here’s a list of the towns that fit the bill of being between Denver and Boulder.In general, the farther east a town is, the less expensive homes there are.

I have a LOT of posts written about Arvada, and will be writing more about some of these other towns, as I get out and explore them with my camera.

The fact that I write so much about Arvada doesn’t mean I ONLY know about Arvada. It’s just that I couldn’t possibly find the time to cover these other cities in such detail. I really wanted to provide a resource for people who want to know what it’s like to live in a certain city, when another site with available homes and canned statistics just won’t do.

So I could do one City really well, and I chose the one I live in. I do have to take care of my clients too, after all!

Hopefully, I’ll remember to come back and add links to the new posts, but if you’re thinking of moving to Denver or Boulder, maybe you should subscribe to my blog? Just a thought!


Click the link to start learning about this lovely historic town.Colorado Map Between Denver and Boulder










How to buy a house Denver to Boulder.

Find all the homes available in Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield, North Denver, Thornton, Lafayette, Louisville, Wheat Ridge and Golden.

I am a residential real estate agent, happily helping folks buy a house or sell a house in the beautiful and friendly suburbs northwest of Denver.  Read what past clients have said about me.

I write posts on the communities between Denver and Boulder, to give people an idea of the ‘flavor’ of our community, in case they’re new or moving to the Denver area.    Read more about life in Arvada, Colorado. And here’s a little intro to Olde Town Arvada.

Gardeners might enjoy my posts about gardening in Denver to Boulder’s front range.

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